What is a Psychic Tarot Reading?

Have you ever had a lucid dream, where you become aware you are dreaming and take control? The purpose of having a psychic tarot reading is to assist you in the process of becoming the conscious wakeful dreamer you were born to be. This shared reality is a mirror, where what is within is reflected outwardly in all we see and experience around us. Becoming awake is the process of becoming embodied, conscious co-creators of our lives and our shared reality. the Tarot assists in lighting up the blind spots within us so that we have more freedom of choice in what we create, and what we do with our power. A reading can assist in this process, uncovering the hidden gems in life's lessons. Even the most difficult life experiences where we feel stuck, lost or broken can be the most fertile ground for breakthroughs to happen. Truly, it is all happening for you.The Tarot serves as a "jump-off point" into archetypal impressions, and the fabric of the collective consciousness which we are all a part of and creating together. After getting a clear sense of the heart of your inquiry, You and I will co-create what I call an " intentional synchronicity" with the universe, using our shared intention. After briefly entering a light trance, I will begin to channel guidance on your behalf. Sometimes the guidance comes from your higher self, other times ancestors or people in your life come through with messages or impressions.There is no discovery call required to book this type of session.

Spiritual Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is a bit like having a psychic reading for yourself, with the intention to recover past or between lives memories. Through hypnosis, you are brought into a deeply relaxed yet alert state, where the preconscious mind comes forward into conscious awareness, and can be interacted with similar to a lucid dream. You stay aware and in control at all times, and everything that happens will be discussed thoroughly beforehand. I lead within following you, supporting what wants to happen, asking questions and inviting you to deepen into your process. This modality is great for resolving deep seated patterns, communing with your higher self, finding your own answers, visiting past lives or simultaneous realities, ancestral healing, understanding the root of relationship issues, releasing karmic knots, processing repressed emotions, and getting clear on your path.I am trained in Hakomi Therapy and Internal Family Systems. I incorporate those modalities into every regression session, and I also offer them as a stand-alone therapy.Please schedule a complimentary discovery call before booking this type of session.

About Me

My name is Sarah. I was in touch with my psychic gifts from a young age, but lost touch for some time through lifes twists and turns. After a powerful life-changing experience working with a plant medicine called Ayahuasca in the Peruvian jungle, I reconnected with my true essence later in life, found healing, and began my trainings in various modalities in the healing arts. I hear, see, and feel internal guidance, and these natural gifts assist me in the work I do with others! It is an honor and a privilege to walk alongside another as they come home to themselves, and there is no other work I would rather be doing. My only agenda is to assist you to find your answers from within, and to support you in radiating as a soul living a human experience.

Trainings and Areas of Study

-year-long clairvoyance training- Clairity School January 2023-present
- Between Lives training- Past Life Regression Academy 2022-present
-Internal Family Systems Level 1 training- IFS Institute 2023
-6 month Tarot Mastery Course- Soulful Revolution 2023
-8 month Breathwork Facilitator Training- Alchemy of Breath 2022-2023
-Nightlight Astrology 2022- present
-Advanced past life regression training-Soulful Connections Hypnosis 2022
-Acutonics level 1 2022
-3 month ancestral healing training- Ancestral Medicine 2022
-Hakomi Therapy comprehensive training- Seattle Hakomi Education Network 2020-2022
-Transpersonal hypnotherapy training- HCH Institute 2021-2022
-breathwork training level 1 and 2-Sword and Lotus Seattle 2021
-Tantra yoga teacher training- Holy Love Institute 2021
-Tarot course- Supermoon Tarot 2020
-Cranial sacral therapy level 1- Upledgar Institute-2018
-5Rhythms women's retreat 2017
-Women's year-long mystery school 2016-2017
-Reiki level 1 and 2- Devanadi Yoga 2016
-Massage therapy and energy healing training- National Holistic Institute 2010
-energy healing training- Lionheart Institute 2009

What People are Saying!

"I received a reading from Ashmiel. I feel beyond blessed & grateful for the insights provided by her channeling my guides & the cards. Her intuition was absolutely on point. As I was taking my own personal notes, she would use words that aligned without even knowing what I was actually writing down. I’m usually not the most thrilled about tarot readings. This one was different. I was not prepared to be so thoroughly psychoanalyzed by the cards, but ultimately honored to receive the lessons & happy tears. So thankful for her & her gifts!"- Lorain Tim"Ash is an INCREDIBLE healer. She has helped me have multiple breakthroughs that changed my life—from physical problems that had a deeper root to patterns I was struggling to break out of. Do not hesitate here. She creates such a supportive space and has training in many modalities- a true light worker."- Breena Kerr"I was very impressed with both readings I’ve done with Ashmiel! She is very engaged in wanting to understand and truly cares about your situation. She is very gifted and I highly recommend using her services"- Patrick Burke"My tarot reading with Ashmiel was incredibly enlightening and brought me both clarity on past events, and how I want to move forward. She is warm, kind, non judgmental and incredibly intuitively gifted !!"- Anna Spangler" I just wanted to say thank you for the session today- you have such an innate talent and gift! Your session offered me such rich insight I would not have been able to reach on my own and you guided me through all of it while providing such a safe and loving environment! Highly recommend for anyone looking for the next step on their healing journey!" Kya Katrina

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